Online Stress Management Therapy For Leaders In PA and NJ

Tailored Online Therapy Packages for High-Responsibility Leaders in PA, NJ, and DE.

Initial Consultation and Assessment

  • Free 20-Minute Consultation: Discover how our specialized therapy can benefit you. We offer superbills and can file your out-of-network benefits claims for reimbursement, emphasizing privacy for clients paying out of pocket to keep treatment confidential. Start your journey to better mental health today.
  • Our online therapy services provide the flexibility and confidentiality you need for effective leadership stress management and to enhance your well-being.

Comprehensive Leadership Stress Assessment:

  • Fee: $175 (Fee waived if a therapy package is booked within one month).
  • Our detailed assessment evaluates your leadership style, stress levels, and overall well-being. This essential step helps us develop a personalized therapy for high-responsibility leaders, tailored to your challenges and goals.
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Therapy Packages

Confidential Therapy packages designed for flexibility and comprehensive care.

Individual Therapy Package

Personalized, one-on-one therapy for leaders addressing stress and leadership challenges.

  • 5 sessions: $750
  • 10 sessions: $1,500
  • 15 sessions: $2,250
  • Pay per session: $175

Couples Therapy Package

Enhance relationship dynamics, improve communication, and resolve conflicts.

  • 5 sessions: $875
  • 10 sessions: $1,750
  • 15 sessions: $2,625
  • Pay per session: $205

Family Therapy Package

Balance high-stress roles with family life, enhancing dynamics and strengthening relationships.

  • 5 sessions: $1,150
  • 10 sessions: $2,250
  • 15 sessions: $3,375
  • Pay per session: $250

Online Resource: How to Use Your HSA or FSA for Therapy Services

Steps To Using Your HSA or FSA For Therapy Services

  1. Verify Eligibility: Contact your HSA or FSA provider to confirm that therapy services are eligible expenses.
  2. Obtain Necessary Documentation:
  • Ask your primary healthcare provider for a letter of medical necessity if required.
  • Ensure you have detailed receipts or invoices from our practice.
  1. Submit Your Claim:
  • Complete your provider’s claim form and attach the required documentation.
  • Submit the claim form and documents as instructed by your provider.
  1. Direct Payment Option: If your HSA/FSA account includes a debit card, you can use it to pay for eligible services directly at our practice.

Need Help?

  • Contact our support team at 610-572-6288 or for assistance with using your HSA or FSA funds.

Package Benefits and Examples

  • Priority Booking: As a package client, you receive priority in scheduling appointments, ensuring a better chance of securing preferred dates and times.
  • Flexible Rescheduling: Reschedule appointments with a shorter notice period than standard clients without incurring additional fees.

Package sessions would be valid for an extended period, providing additional flexibility in scheduling therapy appointments. For instance, while standard sessions might expire six months from purchase, package sessions could be valid for up to 12 months, giving me ample time to use all sessions comfortably.

  • Specialized Workshops: Complimentary access to exclusive workshops covering stress management, relationship building, and mindfulness. Information about the schedule, topics, and how to register would be communicated to me.
  • Group Therapy Sessions: Opportunity to join group therapy sessions focused on different themes. Details on these sessions’ structure, frequency, and enrollment process will be provided, ensuring I can participate in areas relevant to my interests and needs.

A curated collection of online resources would be available exclusively for package clients. This includes:
Educational Articles and Blogs: Written by mental health professionals, covering various topics.
Instructional Videos: Featuring therapeutic techniques, wellness tips, and mental health education.
Interactive Self-help Tools, Such as mood trackers, meditation guides, and other digital resources to support my mental health journey.
These resources would be facilitated through a secure client portal or regular email updates, ensuring easy and continuous availability.

Complimentary Consultation for Package Clients:

All clients who purchase a therapy package are entitled to a one-time complimentary consultation lasting approximately 20 minutes.

  • This session is an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns before starting Therapy.
  • It serves to develop a personalized therapy plan, aligning with individual needs and therapy objectives.
  • To schedule your complimentary consultation, you can:
    • Use our online booking system.
    • Contact us directly via phone or email.
  • Consultation times are subject to availability, and scheduling at least one week in advance is recommended.
  • The consultation can be conducted over the phone or through our telehealth platform, depending on your preference.
  • During this session, we will discuss your therapy goals, provide an overview of our therapeutic approach, and answer any questions about our services.
  • We recommend considering your goals for Therapy, specific areas of concern, and any questions about the therapy process to make the most of this consultation.
  • After the consultation, if you choose to proceed with Therapy, we will guide you through scheduling your first session.
  • Any necessary paperwork or preparatory steps will be outlined.
  • Rest assured, the information shared during the consultation is confidential and treated with the utmost respect for your privacy, consistent with our standard therapy sessions.

Payment Plan Options for Packages

  • Full Payment Discount: Clients who pay in full for any therapy package at the time of booking receive a 10% discount on the total package price.
  • Monthly Installments:
    • 10 Sessions:  3 monthly installments.
    • 15 Sessions: 4 monthly installments.
  • Bi-Weekly Installments:
    • 10 Sessions: 6 bi-weekly installments.
    • 15 Sessions: 8 bi-weekly installments.
  • These installment plans offer flexibility and ensure payment completion within the package’s validity period.

Clients who enroll in therapy packages gain complimentary access to monthly webinars on topics such as stress management, emotional intelligence, and effective leadership. This added value supports ongoing learning and leader development.

A subscription to a 24/7 support line is available for crisis management and immediate support, ensuring leaders have access to help whenever they need it. This service is available with a packaged plan.

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